Tips to create a 3-in-1 boho-chic space in your loft

    As living spaces in the UAE  are getting, the need to entertain guests at home is increasing  (its a tradition too) interior designers are thinking about revolutionary ways to decorate your homes with interior décor ideas and impress guests and family.

    In the UAE alone interior design revenue grew from 1.2 billion US dollar to about 2.1 billion dollars in revenue. That’s a huge market considering the size of the UAE! But it's good to see people working to recreate their living space in style! 

    Moreover, If you have an unused loft, ideas for decorating your loft room, or the best interior design companies in Dubai, can help you create the perfect space, that's multipurpose, exciting and fun, Literally! All in one! The article aims to provide you with easy tips to decorate your loft space into a 3-in-1 space!


    interior design companies in Dubai

     Interior decor ideas for your loft room!

      If your loft room has been ignored for the longest time and you’ve finally decided to revamp it into a beautiful multipurpose space, you can convert it into a boho chic multipurpose space for yourself, your friends and your family. Use the following decor ideas for loft rooms to know more:

    Zone out the area

    Start with creating zones within the room. Depending upon the size of your loft, your space could include multiple aspects of living except perhaps the sleeping area.   Create your dining area, sitting area and a more casual living area zone within the same room.

     Zoning is good for your space as you can create multiple themes within the same room and pure the interest of guests.

    The right color

    Lofts are usually sunny places. And in the UAE this could mean sunlight and moderate to high temperatures throughout the year. So its always a good idea to go for lighter colors in the room, including your walls and the floorings. Opt for white or light colored walls, to bring light into the room without bringing in the heat! 

    Since you're trying to introduce a bohemian theme to your room, opt for rugs and wall hangings that have bright and bold colors. These items can work in many ways to incorporate the right boho colors in your room.

    Accent walls

    Use bricks or pebbles to create a rustic wall effect for your loft, and you’ll easily be transported way back in time with the look.  The accent wall if implemented will be the focus of the room, so choose a wall that has windows, or one of the main walls within the room.


    For the floorings, it’s a good idea to give the forest appeal and go for light colored wooden floors. Since the region is sunny all year round, opt for lighter colored floors when considering décor for the room. Use chestnut brown wood, and you’ll see how cool your room looks!

    Furnishing for your living area

    The living area zone should speak “cozy”. Opt for comfortable sofas that go with the colors of the room. If your walls are lighter, you can always go for dark colored furniture. For a more bohemian appeal, opt for chunky one -seaters with bohemian pattern cushions.

    A light colored themed sitting area

    For your formal sitting area, opt for lighter colored furniture like cream or white. Opt for bohemian pattern cushions to go with your casual living area.  And you’re set to welcome guests too.

    The dining space between both your living areas should contain elements of both, your sophisticated formal sitting and your casual living area. Long dark table tops with eclectic chairs; bohemian and formal! Since the dining space acts as a transition between the two themes, it should do justice to both!

    Take away!

    Use the tips above if you want to convert your monotonous loft into boho-chic 3-in-1   living space, to entertain yourselves and guests. If you’re a little behind on interior décor trends,  or if you want a loft that’s not so boho chic, opt for the best  interior design companies in Dubai and create magnificent space within your unused loft!! Your family and your guests will love it!



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